To Advertise

Benefits for advertisers The Greenstone Guide will offer its advertisers a pinpoint niche – affluent homeowners and business people in the LSM 10 bracket with a disposable income. Unlike other local newspapers in the area who may go out to over 40 000 readers of all social standings, we are targeting a quantifiable, specific market – we know exactly who we are going to, and being a part of the community, we know what they want.

A further unique selling point of The Greenstone Guide is that it is not a ‘newspaper’ per se – rather than focus on the negative issues reported by other local papers, the content will purely focus on offering our readers an escape – what they can do in their suburb over the next fortnight, the events that are being planned, where they should consider eating, what new shops have opened in the retail centres and how they can be entertained in their area.

The target market for the paper is young families, professionals and established business people living in the area, for whom The Greenstone Guide will be a leisure read, encouraging them to go out and enjoy all that the businesses, restaurants and shops in the suburb have to offer.

To Advertise Contact: Gregg or Justene Cocking
Tel: 011-452-2677

Advertising rates (per insertion):

Full page: R12 200

Half page horizontal or vertical (A4): R6 500

Third page horizontal or vertical: R4 100

Quarter page horizontal or vertical: R2 400

Business card size: R900

Inserts: To be quoted on depending on size and weight

Prices inclusive of VAT. Adverts quoted as full colour. Special sizes and positions can be negotiated on request. Ad material can be made up for clients at a fee of R350 per advert.

Prime opportunities:

Front Cover: +25%

Inside Front Cover: +20%

Outside Back Cover: +20%

Inside Back Cover: +10%

Cancellation deadline: Notification of cancellations to be sent in writing one week prior to the booking deadline.